Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blind Date

I, for one, am always interested in the back-story.  I love the 'behind the scenes' on a DVD!  So, I thought I would post my reaction to meeting Jen.  (Maybe I should have saved this for a future mid-season slump!)


26 July 2011
Having never been on a blind date, I can’t say what it really feels like.  Today I came as close to a blind date as I think I will ever get.  It was definitely a set-up.  An old friend said, “ I have someone you HAVE to meet!”  So we did.  A mutually agreeable location was chosen and a time set.  We swapped background stories, shared hopes for the future and philosophies on why we are in our current places in life. 

This blind date however was not the romantic kind.  It was an arranged meeting for a new friend and colleague. Until Old Friend mentioned it, I had no idea that I needed a new friend or colleague!  What if I didn’t like her?  What if she didn’t like me?!?  What if Old Friend was wrong and we really had nothing in common?  This is where you have to trust your friends not to lead you astray.  Considering the source, I knew this was going to be okay.  Old Friend is not generally flighty or impulsive and has always been wise far beyond her years.  I was present when the idea of meeting New Friend occurred to her, and I am certain that it was somehow Divinely Guided. 

So I went.  New Friend is very much like me, but has an obviously better sense of style.  We chatted as if we had known each other for years.  We have common interests and common philosophies on life.  Then it was up to us to figure out why we had been thrown together.  Just like a blind date, we were brought together for the purpose of creating something bigger than the two of us could do individually.  

We both believe that everything happens for a reason.  Neither one of us is questioning the decision to go down this path.  We cannot see what is on the other side of the hill in front of us, but we are stepping forward in faith, knowing there is reward for forging ahead.

When I left I was satisfied, knowing all had gone well, that we would see each other again soon, and would continue making plans.

As with any new relationship, I am at once cautious and excited.   A relationship of any kind carries with it responsibility.  Expectations are bound to be challenged, and one day she will find out that I am even more flawed than I first appear!   We’ll cross those bridges as we come to them.  

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