Thursday, September 29, 2011

Need a Little Therapy?

“How do I do it?”  Tin Cup demanded.  “Do what?”  “Therapy.  How do I do it?”  So adorably vulnerable sitting in the ‘therapist’s’ office, having absolutely NO clue what ‘therapy’ was about or how to proceed.  While excellent fodder for a movie, I am certain that a great majority of our society is just as in the dark as our golfing friend.

It occurs to me that ‘therapy’ takes on many disguises.  For instance – I meet several girlfriends for Friday Breakfast each week.  This meeting, while not in a clinical or office setting, absolutely serves a psychological need.  Few topics are off limits and we cover the spectrum from meals to teenagers all the way to investments.  There is a flow of ideas and concerns, followed by instant feedback and advice.  Viola! Group Therapy!

Date night is another time for reflection and planning.  It doesn’t matter where it takes place.  Could be Starbucks, the ice cream shop or a nice restaurant.  The important part is my husband and I spend some alone time in an environment without work or kid interruptions.  We look at where we are, where we are going, what went right this week, what was not so good and how to proceed.  Marriage Counseling!

Meeting with a mentor or superior in your company to discuss challenges and opportunities – Occupational Therapy!

God did not put us here to be loners.  He designed us as social beings, to rely upon and enrich one another.  Heavy loads are much easier to lift when we work together.  Sometimes merely being able to share a problem allows us to deal with it.  Often, a different point of view is all that is needed in order for a solution to present itself.  When we allow someone to be part of our problem, they become part of the solution.  Few things are as satisfying as working in cooperation and seeing the problem through to a positive result. 

There are certainly times when a professional is necessary.  When a situation goes beyond the normal day to day, you owe it to yourself and those around you to seek assistance. 

By making time to meet with others on a regular basis it might be possible to catch and address situations before they hit the crisis level.  As an added benefit, breakfast is MUCH cheaper than a therapists’ hourly rate!


“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." 
Matthew 18:20

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