Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are we Winning?!

This weekend was our semi-annual girlfriend’s weekend.  A time for relaxation, renewal, and a little (or a LOT) of tie-dye.  We are exceedingly blessed to have a retreat in south-east Oklahoma out in the woods. 

Friday night was a gorgeous, clear night and we sat out for quite some time in the hot tub.  We marveled at the difference a lack of city lights can make in our view of the sky.  Each time we looked up, the stars seemed to have multiplied.  At first it looked like just a few – then dozens, then thousands and tens-of-thousands. 

We began to contemplate the possibility of other planets and life similar to Earth.  Suddenly I blurted out – “ I wonder if we are winning?”  My friends looked at me in quizzical wonder.  I asked again  - “I wonder if we are winning?”  Things I never gave thought started occurring to me.

 I don’t think we are God’s only planet.  With all the stars out there, I just don’t see that as being possible.  If we are not the only planet with life forms, how do we compare?  My feeling is that we might be the stubborn child.  The one God loves with all his heart, but we just haven’t gotten the message yet. 

While the “winning” was a bit tongue-in-cheek, I don’t think we are living up to our potential and doing all we can with the gifts God has given us.

Think for a moment of our global society as a team.  We have all been drafted. There are team captains, those with more experience and gifted with insight.  These captains are challenged to bring the others along, help the rookies find their way and develop their talents.  There is no salary cap.  If we perform well individually, we will reap the rewards commiserate with our effort, but there is a limit.

Our contracts have provisions for team performance in addition to those individual clauses.  In order to get the most out of life, we have to work in concert with others.  If we don’t pull together, and help our fellow man, the whole team loses. 

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