Monday, December 12, 2011

Gonna get started on my Resolutions NOW!

Resolutions are funny.  We have these GRAND ideas of what we would like to do.  We SWEAR we are going to get started on New Year's Day and really, this time, we are going to follow through. That is where it starts, and for the VAST majority of us, that is right where it ENDS.

So this year, I resolve to be realistic about my goals.  I resolve NOT to bite off more than I can chew.  I resolve to evaluate my goals, figure out my motivation for achieving these goals, and make a PLAN to reach them.

When I say I am gonna get started early, I mean the planning.  Goals and resolutions need a roadmap.  I need to know where I am going.  I need to know how long it will REALISTICALLY take me to reach the goal.  Where are the possible pitfalls?  Who are the people in my life that can assist me in this goal?  Who will help hold me accountable?  What is the benefit at the end of the goal?  Is it worth the sacrifices I will need to make to reach it?

Don't look for my inflated declarations this year!  This year, I resolve to set my goals in a manner that will allow me to actually stand a chance of REACHING them!