Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Home Runneth Over!

My Home Runneth Over!

Today, I was slogging through my home in an effort to purge all the unnecessary stuff that seems to accumulate and multiply when I am not looking.  It was a daunting task, but had to be done.  The house was in danger of reaching maximum density!  So much miscellaneous junk!  Broken toys.  Toys no one will play with.  Clothes like you would not believe.  Craft supplies out the wazoo.  All I could think was ‘Christmas is coming up and I have to get this stuff out of here before more comes in.’ The trash bin is now full.  Four trash bags made their way to the charity resale shop.  I am still not finished.

As I lamented the fact that my task was far from over, it occurred to me that I really had the wrong outlook.  Instead of complaining, I should be rejoicing!  What a problem to have!  How many people would trade places with me in a heartbeat?  How many children in this world have no toys to play with, much less extra that they just don’t care for anymore? 

So many of us are not merely blessed with plenty, but blessed with abundance.  Abundance we often take for granted.  Who are we to look upon the gifts given to us and regard them as a chore? 

As I went through the day, I changed my attitude to one of gratitude.  When I came upon an item I wasn’t sure whether or not to keep, I placed it in the donate bag with a little prayer that it would go to someone who needs it and would have no hesitation about saying that the item was wanted. 

I was able to offer up many thanks today.  Once I got started looking at my blessings – they were even more abundant that the ‘stuff’ I was getting rid of.   Instead of complaining about the constant stream of random items supplied to my children by their grandmothers, I gave thanks that my children have grandmothers in their lives.  Instead of complaining about finding more laundry when I thought I was finished, I gave thanks for my washing machine.  I don’t have to haul my laundry down to a creek and pound out the dirt on a rock! The list went on and on.  What you concentrate on really does multiply.

I will probably watch a little closer and make sure items coming through the door are actually needs instead of wants.  The miscellaneous stuff from well meaning family and friends will probably still get through.  From here on out, I am going to resolve not to get irritated, and instead get grateful! 


Monday, November 14, 2011

It's 10:45 am. Do you know what your husband is doing?

What does your husband do?

I am constantly amazed at the number of women that truly have very little idea what their husband does all day.  When you ask them, the answer is ‘some kind of engineering’ or ‘he’s in the finance department at XYZ company’ or “I don’t care as long as he sends home a paycheck”

I am certain this empty portion of the marriage is a major contributor to a great number of divorces. 

As women, we need to have a greater understanding of what our partner is going through for the majority of his waking hours.  When you think about it, he spends MUCH more time with those people than he does with you.  They are an extended family of sorts.  They go through a great deal on a daily basis that brings them together whether they like it or not. 

We must also consider that the loss of a job is not merely the loss of the ability to provide, but also a loss of the wacky extended family that he has been living with for many years.  There will be mourning.  If you don’t know ‘who’ he has lost in addition to ‘what’ he has lost, then your ability to support your spouse in his time of need will be severely limited. 

My husband and I are coming up on our 19th anniversary.  (Would you believe me if I told you I got married when I was 8?! I thought not.  Oh well.)  The secret to our longevity is due in no small part to nightly “de-briefings”.  When he was working as a process engineer, I could hold my own when shop talk would begin at social gatherings.  The shocked looks I received from the other engineers were a clear indication that none of their wives spoke the language.  The point is that I knew what was going on in his life on a daily basis and could cater my support of him because I was in touch with things like deadlines, vendors and the quirks of a SEM.  (Engineer lingo for a Scanning Electron Microscope.) 

We all desire to be understood.  The dentist who runs off with the hygienist is not only attracted to her physique, he is attracted to her because she ‘gets’ him. 

Make an effort to understand your spouse.  You can bet they will do the same.