Friday, January 27, 2012

Crow’s Feet AND Zits….REALLY?!?!

I don’t mind showing a little age.  I don’t.  I think laugh lines are a good sign you are healthy and well-adjusted.  But shouldn’t the acne make its exit once the wrinkles set in? Is this some sort of cruel joke that Mother Nature plays on us?

My diet is not the French fry and Pizza riddled fare of my youth.  Okay – I LIKE my chocolate, but it’s the DARK kind!  There are PROVEN cardiovascular benefits – it’s for my health!  All the super models swear drinking plenty of water is their secret to clear skin.  I could drink enough water to float the Mayflower and all I would end up with is a shortage of toilet paper.

Men don’t have to go through this drama.  You don’t see 30 and 40-something men with big ol’ blemishes on their noses.  As women our hormones mess with us much longer.  I guess I will take acne over  balding, though….

I really DO have better things to worry about than checking to see if the flaming red dot on the end of my chin is still tamed to a dull pink under one more layer of powder. Maybe it’s a conspiracy by the make-up manufacturers to sell more cover-up!  One day there will be blacked-out documents showing the investigation and how Cover Girl knew all along that they were creating a market for their product.

As a teenager, I accepted acne as part of the deal.  One of the many changes we go through.  Everything is out of whack then anyway, what’s one more?  It was supposed to be a temporary thing – it would go away with the braces, blue eye-shadow and other assorted awkwardness.  Never did I dream Mr. Benzoyl Peroxide would be neighbors with Miss Clairol.  Will he still be there when Ben Gay moves in?  Which one will Ben choose?!  Who knew that my medicine cabinet would turn out to be Peyton Place?

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  1. Is the bald comment directed at anyone?????