Monday, January 16, 2012

Ya Gotta Get Away

Since my second child was about 6 months old, I have been taking regular weekend trips with my girlfriends.  This has become a tradition that we do not compromise on.  At first it just seemed like a little bit of fun.  Now it is a MUST. 

Life gets crazy.  It is easy to get saturated in the day-to-day minutiae of life.  As a mom, it is easy to let your life revolve around the kids and your family and rarely focus on yourself.  What you don’t realize is that you get saturated.  In the quest for daily survival, it is easy to lose sight of who you are apart from someone’s parent or spouse.  Without a sense of self, it is easy to become resentful.  It is easy to become depressed.  I think we can all agree that a resentful and depressed person is no fun to be around!

In order to gain a little perspective, a change of local is often just what the doctor ordered.  Some time to sit back, relax, and just BE. 

When my friends and I go out, we rarely have any kind of agenda or must-do.  (Well, except for tie-dying, but that is a topic for another day!) We catch up on girl movies, go for a hike, cook the food that our children and husbands would rather not eat and have many cathartic chats.  It’s not expensive, we don’t go far, and the only rule is that you cannot be high-maintenance! 

Knowing that there are other ADULTS out there who identify with me is huge.  Getting in touch with who I am, sharing hopes, wishes, dreams and recipes is a way of reminding myself that I am an individual. 

We come back with batteries re-charged.  The kids are easier to handle and the husbands have regained some of the charm they lose when you are WAY TOO FAMILIAR with all of their habits. 

Because of this ritual, I believe that I am a better mommy and wife.  I believe that I am teaching my children that it is important to take care of self so that we may take care of others more effectively. 

Find yourself a group.  Get away.  Your children will survive.  Your husband CAN handle it.  YOU will never regret it!

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