Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outta the Loop

Once again I find myself  out of the loop.  How does this keep happening?  I consider myself a pretty savvy individual - but there is just so much to keep up with!  I am not behind like I was in Behind...Again.  This is more like a Links and Tweet and Circles, Oh My problem.

I am specifically referring to Pinterest and Instagram.  Two more apps with which many seem to be enthralled.

I got the gist of posting my photos, but now I need to do the Instagram thing to make them better?  I am not sure I understand.  I have to do a double-take on my FaceBook wall these days to check and see if the photo is of someone in this century or not.

Pinterest I have yet to scratch the surface on.  From what I have observed, if you like it, you 'pin' it.  What does that mean?  How does the question of whether I like salmon with mustard sauce even come up?  Does anyone really care?  I am sure that I will find this to be an invaluable tool.  I will wonder how in the world I ever got along without it.

Part of my aversion is I have never been good with 'fads'.  The longer I live, the more I learn we are a fad-driven society.  I want things to last longer.  I like a great classic skirt or cute pair of flats.  I am getting a little tired of all things disposable and temporary.  Take the toaster, for instance.  No one repairs toasters any more.  Where would you even go to find someone to do that?  It doesn't make financial sense for toaster manufacturers to stock spare parts.  We just throw the toaster away (filling landfills), and get a new one.  But the toast is never quite the same.

As I get older, I also realize that I want to spend less of my time on frivolity (see the post on addiction!)  and more time investing in meaningful endeavors.  10 years from now will I still have my Instagram photos?  Will I be able to find the items I spent time pinning?  Who knows.

I won't let my fad-aversion make me eccentric.  So I will look into these new things and embrace them if I deem them beneficial.  I am always interested in improving life wherever possible!  Of course, now I will have to come up with yet another password........

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