Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have not posted a blog since February.  Wanna know why?  I forgot my password.  Yup.  It is as simple and as COMPLICATED as that!

So - I changed my password, and then promptly forgot it.   I have a great little file in my computer with a totally random name that has all my myriad o' unimportant passwords on it.  Should be easy - HA!  Not so much!

My husband upgraded my laptop - and in the process, for reasons that remain unclear, I no longer have Word.  Sooooo I could not open my document.  I gave up, and thought I would get back to it.  Every time I went to open it, Sean was not around, and I thought I would ask him later.  

Tonight I decide that I am going to get back to it!  Sean is sitting here - it's a good time.  I find the document, get the error, and hubby says I have to right click and open with "pages".  There are 2 "pages"  are we 4.1 or 2.0.2?  4.1. Okay - got it!  

I didn't put the blog password on the document.   UGH.

Okay - I'll reset the password.  Log in - send the reset email with the link.  The e-mail comes across on my phone sitting next to me, but not in my inbox on the computer.  @#$$%^#$%$%&$

Finally find the email in the TRASH.  REALLY?!   I have no idea what rule I have set which dumps Google Emails in the trash......

So - move the file to the inbox, click the link and reset the password.  But I can't use my favorite password, it's too short!  #$^%$%^%$  It has a capital letter, a lowercase letter AND a number, what more do you want from me?!

I select my backup password - ERROR!  "Please select a password not previously used with this account"  #@$@#$@#$

Okay, fine - pick a new password.  FINALLY get in only to find out that I have reset my Google+ gmail account which is NOT the account with which the blog is associated.  HOLY CONNIPTION FITS!!!

Here we go again.  Back to Gmail.  Don't know this password either.  Send the email.  It goes to the trash.  Out of the trash.  Click the link.  Have to pick a ANOTHER new password.  

VICTORY!  I did it  - here's your blog!

Isn't it amazing how we let little road blocks keep us from achieving our plans dreams and goals?  We can come up with any 'reason' not to do the things that we should.  "My cat has a toothache"! (Sean's response when someone offers him a cheesy excuse)  Often we are only prolonging our own happiness.   I have allowed something as simple as a password derail me from my commitment to write.  I am so prone to procrastination that I used something tiny as a rationale for not trying.  I'll do it tomorrow.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh yeah - I'll get to it soon.  

My challenge?  Identify these lame excuses and overcome them.  The little gremlins have no place in my life and will not be allowed to stay!

Now I should go put those new passwords in my password file.  If I could only remember what I chose.......

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