Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make a GREAT List!

Too often, we give too much importance to the negative things in our lives and not nearly enough to the positive.
When my husband was going through a rough period, I challenged him to make a Great List.  Some place where daily, semi-daily or even hourly he could jot down and concentrate on what was GREAT about his life.
Not long ago, as I was throwing myself a small pity party for all the things I was unhappy about in my life, Sean pulled out the Great List.  Just as I did for him, he challenged me to look for the good - which is not easy to do with someone only determined to be unhappy. 
The next day I felt better - I mad my Great List and remembered happiness is a choice.
Portion of my Great List -
Long Marriage
Gorgeous Daughters
Great Friends
Toe Nail Polish
Hot Baths
Excellent outlook for the future
New Challenges
Warm Jammies
So take the challenge if you dare! I would love to share in your victories be they small or large.
"You can't climb a smooth mountain" - C.I. Dixon