Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are you a toddler in the grocery store?

Are you the toddler in the grocery store? Imagine being a parent with a toddler in a grocery store. Not just a toddler but a toddler not in a grocery cart. A toddler with free will. How long do you think it would take your parent to get through the grocery store?

To God, our parent, we are the toddler in the grocery store. He lets us roam around exploring all of our options. And even tells us if we'll get through the grocery store will have something more exciting at the end. Like a visit to the park. But we get distracted and all the shiny things all the juice boxes all The cereal.

We try to pull things off the shelves. God corrects us.

We say we want the shiny toy, want a candy bar. God tells us no. He answers us. But the answer is no. Then we pitch a fit and have a tantrum and tell him how much we wanted. And he tells us no again because he is consistent. And then we finally get through the grocery store to discover that if we had only listened and followed, we could have been at the park hours ago!

How much 'park time' are you giving up?  Choose to listen and follow so you can spend more time in the sun!

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