Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life's Little Instructions - Sing in the Shower

Sing in the Shower
Life's Little Instructions

Sing in the shower - belt it out!  

The day usually begins in the shower.  You can start it dull, or you can start it with a smile - you choose.  Singing has a way of releasing endorphins.  It makes you feel better.

Singing warms up your vocal cords.  It wakes up your brain. It might even encourage you to MOVE and warm up your body in addition to your brain and your vocal cords.

You're all alone.  If you can't sing anywhere else because you would cause people's ears to bleed, singing in the shower is the best place to let out your inner Pointer Sister without offending friends and family.

The acoustics are great.  The tile will cause the sound to swirl around you and make you sound even better than you thought you were!

Get in the habit - sing in the shower  - you'll feel better!!

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